Your SiSU
Health Station
Our trusted self-serve SiSU Stations make tracking your health even easier

  • Compare yourself to people your age and gender
  • Discover your heart age
Check Yourself in 4 Minutes!
  • Easy to use SiSU Stations with reliable instant results
  • Become health wise and track your progress
  • Receive alert when GP follow up would be of benefit
  • Medical grade seated blood pressure test (upper arm)
Sisu Health Station
Measure your:
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • % Body Fat
  • Heart Rate
See How You Compare
  • SiSU Station Score (out of 10) summarises how your health stacks up
  • Our Comparison Rank allows you to compare to other people your age and gender
  • Your Heart Age (based on Framingham Study) reflects the impact of lifestyle on your cardiovascular health
Start your journey to a better life today!