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Christmas in the air

Last Updated: 12 December 2018








Christmas in the air

Of all the five senses, that of smell is said to be the most evocative. Tickle noses and lift everyone’s spirits with a suffusion of sensual, seasonal scents…

In burners, baths or as massages, for maximum therapeutic benefit choose pure essential oils over fragrance oils – fragrance oils provide only a scent, they have no therapeutic properties. Candlelight’s warm glow always charms and calms the atmosphere so enhance the effect by burning pure soy-based rather than toxic-smelling paraffin wax candles.


Borrow from the three Wise Men and fill the air with calming frankincense to soothe anxiety, or bestow the uplifting effects of myrrh – purifying, restorative and revitalising. Evoking the evergreen element of Christmas, fresh, sweet-smelling pine oil is said to relieve fatigue. Cypress oil, too, lifts tired sprits and is also used to alleviate feelings of grief and anger. And while we’re on the subject of trees, the heady oil from the sandalwood promotes relaxation.


Spices closely associated with the season include nutmeg and cinnamon: the former, though a stimulant, also mitigates anxiety and helps settle jangled nerves while the latter is thought to bring relief at times of stress.


Tangy citrus oil extracted from either the orange or the mandarin is something of a jack of all trades. Effecting balance and calm it is also uplifting, calms nervousness and has an antidepressant quality; a perfect toe-of-the-Christmas-stocking gift.


Have a sensuous Christmas.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

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