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Sanctuary in the green room

Last Updated: 15 December 2018








Sanctuary in the green room

Step into the garden, let nature stimulate your senses and enjoy a peaceful, summertime, aerobic workout...

In the garden, the month of January is perhaps the most heavenly. Colours are at their brightest, growth is almost palpable, bees buzz, birds sing. There are rich and delicious pickings to delight all five senses, not least an abundance of fresh fruit, salad, herbs and vegetables – the harvest playing to our sense of smell, touch, sight and taste.


Warm, fresh air and sun on skin feels good and it’s restorative; breathing ‘real’ air is a refreshingly healthy antidote to air con, while the sun delivers a beneficial dose of vitamin D. Then there’s the sweet smell of freshly cut grass, a pleasure often repeated at this time of year; don’t knock it, keep pushing the mower around and you’re twice blessed every time – grassy smell plus a moderate-intensity aerobic workout.


Other January gardening activities that charm the senses while, inadvertently, providing a healthy burst of aerobic activity include weeding (it’s so tactile, plus there’s that warm earth smell), watering (which is fun, and a feast of plenty for eyes, ears and nose) and pruning, which tickles four out of the five – and when the prunings are edible it gets a full house.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan


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