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It’s naptime

Last Updated: 16 December 2018








It’s naptime

More than 85% of mammals sleep for short periods during the day.  So why don’t the rest of us follow in their footsteps? Napping is not just for the elderly or for cats. A quick snooze improves brain function, including our ability to retain information and problem-solve. Even just six minutes is enough to refresh our minds and help us concentrate better.


There is, however, a crucial time when you should nap. Between 3-5pm is when we start to feel dozy and in need of a refreshment. A nap between 2-3pm can therefore improve performance and alertness. A nap later in the afternoon can cause sleep inertia – feeling groggy and disorientated when you wake up – and mess up your night-time sleep.


Google encourages its employees to take naps and has special pods for this purpose. Companies like this help to erase the stigma behind napping. There’s nothing wrong with having a quick snooze to help you work better!


If you have the opportunity to nap, do it. You’ll feel better for it and you might get more done because of it.



Written by Dr. Noel Duncan



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