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A productive workplace?

Last Updated: 15 December 2018








A productive workplace?

While the reasons for sickness absence vary, the majority of absences are attributed to back pain, stress, depression and anxiety.

There is no doubt that there is a strong link between employees’ well-being and productivity. It is not only mental but also physical health that should be looked after and several actions can be taken to boost performance in the workplace.


1. Regular Feedback

Regularly asking for feedback from your staff is one of them. An open relationship can help avoid simple problems that could have been easily fixed had the right people been informed. Communication is key, so consider implementing a monthly meeting simply to check up on your workers and their well-being.


2. The Right Work Environment

Make sure you have created a comfortable working environment. Most workers spend the majority of their day at a desk behind a computer. Office chairs should offer good back support and computers need to be angled in order to minimise the stress caused on the neck.


3. Team Spirit

Joining marathons for charity or creating a company sports team are ways to build a strong sense of community while also encouraging physical activity.


You can also offer items such as a healthy breakfast buffets or nourishing snacks as these will boost worker’s energy and immune system.



Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

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