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Happiness for health

Last Updated: 14 December 2018








Happiness for health

Happiness – that so longed-for enigma that we all aim for. Happiness is often found in the small things life has to offer, but those small things can greatly improve our health.

Let’s be frank, happiness is not in the big things we all want, it’s usually in the small moments – when we share a laugh or a smile, when we get an unexpected warm hug or a ‘miss you’ text during the day, when it’s sunny whether outside or in our hearts. Yes, that is happiness!


But happiness is much more than just a positive feeling to us. Scientific evidence has suggested that happiness can make us healthier and can extend our life expectancy!


A study that followed 5,000 university students for a period of 40 years has discovered that stress, anxiety, depression and lack of enjoyment of daily activities is linked to a higher rate of disease and a shorter lifespan. Laboratory experiments showed that positive emotions reduce stress-related hormones, increase immune function and a quick recovery!


Happiness is something we are inclined to feel but it can also be cultivated!


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan


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