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Exercise for pain relief

Last Updated: 15 December 2018








Exercise for pain relief

Moderate exercise is reported to be one of the best ways to reduce osteoarthritis-related pain and improve joint functioning.


Researchers have advised those suffering from joint pain not to carry out high intensity exercise which will aggravate the joints, but instead to take part in a routine of pilates based and weight-bearing exercise, for an hour, three times weekly. Doing this for four months can boost cartilage levels, strengthen joint function, overall physical activity, aerobic fitness and stamina.



Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

Roos, EM, Dahlberg, L. Positive effects of moderate exercise on glycosaminoglycan content in knee cartilage: a four-month, randomised, controlled trial in patients at risk of osteoarthritis. 2005 Arthritis & Rheumatism 52: 3507-3514.



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