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Yoga’s the word

Last Updated: 14 December 2018








Yoga’s the word

Sit down on the way to work? Sit down on the way back from work? Sit down at your desk all day? Sit down watching TV at home? You’ll be prone to back pain and yoga may be the answer.


A study by the University of Washington compared the effectiveness of various exercise inreducing  back pain in their participants. The comparison was between 12 sessions of yoga, 12 traditional exercise classes, and the use of an educational book designed to help people with lower back pain.


14 weeks after the various activities had been completed, people who had participated in the yoga classes reported less back pain than those who had taken part in the other activities.



Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

Sherman, KJ, Cherkin, DC, Erro, J, Miglioretti, DL & Deyo, RA. Comparing yoga, exercise, and a self-care book for chronic low back pain: a randomized, controlled trial. 2005 Ann Intern Med. 143(12):849-56

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